Saturday, July 17, 2010

Climbing your way to Hell

The dusty idea is that hell is a place that is very easy to go to. Please read the rest of this post to understand where I'm going.

There are a bunch of people climbing there way to hell everyday. Well, why do I say climbing since most people usually talk about descending into hell? It's because you have a lot of obstacles to climb over to make it into hell. If you have Godly grandparents you have to climb over them, Godly parents also. You have to climb over Christians that are trying to convince you to become a Christian. You have to climb over Gospel preachers. You have to tell the Father that His plan is something I'm not willing to consider. You have to tell Jesus that his blood simply isn't that important. Whatever reason you have to keep climbing is more important than his own blood. You have to tell the Holy Spirit that his efforts in bringing about the holy scriptures over hundreds of years through the prophets and the apostles is of no value to you and its something you're just not ready to study and examine. You also have to set aside and overcome the call of the blood stained hill of Calvary, the invitation of the bride and the Spirit, ignore the suffering Jesus did, God's love for you. Walk over, set aside, circumvent, by pass, go around, look over, the blood of Jesus, he tasted death for every man. You have to walk over Mount Calvary, the blood that ran into the dirt and rocks. You have to climb over the greatest sacrifice that ever happened. If you can circumvent all of that, you deserve your reward.