Sunday, April 5, 2009

Success, not what it use to be....

I don't know if this is a dusty idea, I just think it is.  I think the idea of success isn't what it use to be.  We are going to compare the most successful person that ever lived with what we consider "successful" today. 

When you talk about long term success, how long term are we talking about here.   I would suggest that long term success can be viewed as eternal. Short term or preparatory success should be considered the 80 or 90+ years we have here on this planet. 

The most successful person who has worked his way through this life never had a house or a vehicle. He didn't have any furniture or a bed. He was basically a homeless person that traveled from city to city. His name was Jesus and he was despised of the people and laughed to scorn. 
But he lived this life without sin, which makes his the greatest long term success story ever.

What made him successful? Material possessions were of little or no value. Important things were high morals, mercy, grace, justice. I've heard it said that Jesus died so young just about 33 yrs. old. I think he was ready to go home. Most people want to go, but they just don't want to go right away, possibly Jesus was ready to get off this rock and go back to his Father. 

I sometimes don't know what perks people are looking for, or have, to stay here in this body, in this life. 

Being successful in this life by most peoples standards can probably be summed up by the amount of money in Checking, Savings, 401K, IRA, Real Estate, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Antiques, Furniture, Sports, etc. 

Jesus' success was from having the Father and doing the works of the Father that sent him. If Jesus had success with this plan then its probably the plan he left behind in his testament for Christians to follow and implement. Not the high paying job that ignores the Lord's day and/or compromises ethics and morals so we can be "successful" in this life. 

It might be said we need success in material ways so we won't have to want or worry about anything. 

A good definition of worry would be a lack of faith that God will do what he has promised.
If we are successful on God's terms then we shouldn't have cause to worry about anything.