Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Church vs. Politics

Duty Idea this time is pretty dusty. The idea that Christians don't really have time to do politics. Before my brothers and sisters go to getting on me let me explain. I have found it very hard to try to verbalize how I feel about politics, the governing of this world. I was studying old Christian writings by an author named Origen from a book titled "Contra Celsus". I don't know that all of what Origen had to say would be palatable, but I do agree with his stance on Christians in the political arena.

Celsus was very anti-Christ, in the book Celsus urges Christians to "take office in the government of the country, if that is required for the maintenance of the laws and the support of religion."  Origen's response was this, "But we recognise in each state the existence of another national organization founded by the Word of God., and we exhort those who are mighty in word and of blameless life to rule over Churches. Those who are ambitious of ruling we reject; but we constrain those who, through excess of modesty, are not easily induced to take a public charge in the Church of God. And those who rule over us well are under the constraining influence of the great King, whom we believe to be the Son of God, God the Word. And if those who govern in the Church, and are called rulers of the divine nation--that is, the Church-- rule well, they rule in accordance with the divine commands, and never suffer themselves to be led astray by worldly policy. And it is not for the purpose of escaping public duties that Christians decline public offices, but that they may reserve themselves for a diviner and more necessary service in the Church of God--for the salvation of men. And this service is at once necessary and right. They take charge of all--of those that are within, that they may day by day lead better lives, and of those that are without that they may come to abound in holy words and in deeds of piety; and that, while thus worshipping God truly, and training up as many as they can in the same way, they may be filled with the word of God and the law of God, and thus be united with the Supreme God through His Son the Word, Wisdom, Truth, and Righteousness, who unites to God all who are resolved to conform their lives in all things to the law of God.

This helps me understand that Christians are working with an international group that was founded by our Lord on Pentecost through the words of the apostles from the Holy Spirit and the overseers have all they can do to guard or watch out for the Church of Christ, the Church Jesus bought with his blood. They didn't have time in the New Testament to get into political affairs. I think if we take care of what our King wants us to he'll take care of the rest.

Read 1Cor. 1:16 , God is already in control of political things, lets work in the world for the King through his Kingdom.

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