Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Becoming sensitive to sin

Dusty idea today is we should seek sensitivity to sin.  Dusty ideas took a break while I was gathering information for a Bible class I was trying to teach during the winter quarter. I'll try to get back on track with a post from time to time now.

Have we allowed this culture and society to soften our responses to the sins we encounter? The prevailing problem I see around me in today's society and culture is the lack of a "sin allergy". People just don't have that allergic reaction to sin that was once prevalent in the American Society. It's hard for me to express how important I think this topic is right now. Immorality is rampant. We are bombarded with immorality, nudity, premarital sex, adultery, casual sex, lewd dancing, drinking alcohol in excess, and people in general just going pleasure mad. There is also vile language, lack of respect for elders, and parents. All this from a box we brought into our house and most of us pay money to watch, TV. 

The movie industry has sought to desensitize us to sin. I have encountered people on occasion that will tell me that this movie or that movie is OK to go see because it's rated PG, or PG13. Let me say that these movies aren't rated by God or the Bible. This is a man made rating, from the people that are trying to desensitize you to the likes of harlotry and homosexuality. I've been told that just merely knowing  what you're going to be going to see and deciding that it isn't going to affect you is sufficient to combat this kind of desensitizing. This doesn't fit well with something I call the "Two Ways".

"Two Ways"

There are two directions to look at with any situation. There's the way God's wants us to take then there's something else. You pick the something else. If it's not going toward God it's the wrong way. The longer we look down the wrong path and the longer you look in that direction the more its going to become the "norm". Example of this would be as follows. Someone has made us mad in some way. Instead of deciding to handle this God's way we decide to sit and stew and think about how we didn't like that. We keep thinking about this and looking at it from the revenge perspective. Soon the longer we look at it from the revenge point of view, the more that seems the normal thing. Same way with watching evil being played out, vile language and the like. The more we put ourselves in the same area, on purpose, with this type of behavior the more it will desensitize us to sin.

If you are trying to be like God you need to love what he loves and hate what he hates. If God hates it you don't need to be around it.

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