Saturday, September 4, 2010

Do people really believe in Heaven and Hell?

Dusty idea is Heaven and Hell are real. Heaven is wonderful enough to dream of and Hell is awful enough to be scared of.

What do you think would really happen if everyone believed in heaven and hell. People would probably study the treasure map that God through the Holy Spirit left us a lot more. It's amazing that people could have the map to the greatest treasure in the universe, the Bible, and decide it's not worth following.

Some of the things I do sometimes, makes me think I have the ability to forget that hell is real. It's not right in front of me, and it's not something I've ever seen or heard or smelled. I don't have a memory bank of first hand experiences to call up like I do for other things that have scared me in my past. I flipped a tow motor on it's side one day at work. That was a scary experience. I know exactly how I did it. When I drive a tow motor now do you think I won't do whatever it takes to avoid that same outcome? People don't have any experience with hell. There use to be a saying from Vietnam Vets that when they died they'd go to heaven, because they had spent their time in hell. I respect veterans of all wars, but if any of them think they have seen hell, they haven't seen anything yet. If people really believed in hell they would do whatever it takes to avoid that outcome.

One person that walked this earth knows exactly what hell is like. He's seen it, he helped prepare it and he's warning us about it. He left the warnings in a book called the Bible, more exactly in the New Testament. His name was Jesus. The apostle Paul taught Felix and his wife of righteousness and temperance and judgment to come in Acts 24:25 and it says that Felix trembled. It scared him so much he was shaking. I've had fellow Christians tell me that they wish preachers would stop talking about hell so much and just focus on the love of God. I think if reminding people of hell helps them to miss it, that's love you can't buy. You know that commercial on tv that use to end with something that was "priceless"?

Here goes.... Winning the lottery - $200 million dollars...... gaining the whole world - $999,999,999,999,999,999.00 + dollars.... Avoiding hell - PRICELESS!

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