Monday, November 30, 2009


Dusty Idea for this blog is people use to think about WWJD, of course What Would Jesus Do? Now I think its very much the opposite. Whether people are aware or not, the world has always asked itself, WWsD or What Would satan Do? It is often a sobering thought to think of the lengths that satan will go to see that your soul winds up with him in Hell.

What would I do if I wanted to turn the people that God's only Son died for away from Him. First thing we have to realize is that worldly people don't have to be targeted. People that have never obeyed Christ or God aren't on satan's list of humans to manipulate. He doesn't need to and there's no point, they're already lost and thats the whole goal. If you are in this group of people that never darken the door where a Church meets, satan isn't after you he already has you. He has already defeated you without having to fire a shot, because you wouldn't enter the battle with the Lord. Lucifer no doubt spends his time working on Christians, individually and in groups.

So the question remains, "What Would satan Do?", or from this point on WWsD.

Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of life. All sins fall in these categories. If I were him I would start in on the young right away and as soon as possible on not just one but all three of these tempations. I would make pleasurable ways for children to see the kinds of things I would want them to be learning. I would help tv programs get into homes and attack the children first. I would make sure that programs which promote witchcraft, astrology, New Age Philosophies and Gaia worship (mother earth) were seen in the home as comedies and cartoons.

I think satan would be constantly trying to change the truth of the gospel into a lie. He would constantly be wanting us to debate amongst ourselves. This lends itself to constantly overthinking a subject. The Bible isn't real complicated. You won't need letters in front of or behind your name to understand the scriptures. Check out our institutions of "Higher" learning these days. For the most part satan reigns through humanism in these places.

WWsD? He'd try to turn the family of God on this earth against each other, cause strife and split up the Church whenever possible. We know that satan has a foothold in Jesus' Church because we see it happening from time to time.

If we can ever get the dusty idea back that we're insignificant, created beings with a life that started from the breathe of life that God breathed into Adam. There's nothing that exists without God's will, his life force or his creative powers. If that sounds like I'm giving him all the glory and praise for doing everything for us, I am. You should be too.

WWsD? He would urge people to loose that wimpy humbleness that God asks for. Be a man or woman, stand up for what you want to do, its your life anyway. Ever heard that before? Satan's doing a pretty bangup job right now.

WWsD? In general he would try to get Christians to be more worldly and tell us we need to conform to worldly views to be able to convert people to Jesus. We don't need to compromise on Jesus. Christians are becoming too worldly.

WWsD? If I were satan I would constantly remind all Christians of their past failures and faults and let them know that they're flawed and why bother.

Why bother? Because eternity is too long to just quit when you're already on the winning side.