Monday, July 20, 2009

Shame has a new face.

Dusty idea today, being ashamed of sin as named in the Bible. Shame doesn't exist anymore for a lot of people, their consciences have been seered with a hot iron I Tim 4:2. Society has gotten this turned around now and saying Christians should be ashamed for not being "open minded" about such behaviors.

Homosexuality was a shameful practice, but now we have Gay "Pride" marches, special days etc. Not only are they not ashamed they have pride in what they're doing and pride when other people do them.

People living together was just trashy, now people call it "friends with benefits".

Cursing and vile language, at one time was thought to be shameful especially if it was done in the presence of ladies. Now the ladies and men are doing the cursing and vile language and it's considered their right to fill your ears with this trash. Shame has taken a real vacation on this one, you hear this everywhere you go.

Pornography, if you had it you hid it. You were ashamed to let other people see that kind of thing in your possession. You had to buy it wrapped up from under the counter, and preferrably when no one else was looking. Now its not only displayed at any convenience store, its all over the tv, internet and cable networks. Hollywood has made big money on it. Now its art and Christians are suppose to be ashamed for not allowing artistic freedom.

It appears that the shame game is being shifted by satan's followers as much as we'll allow it. Problem is some Christians are buying into it and compromising with satan on some things. If you don't think so just check what is coming on the television in your home. Not someone else's home, our home. The new face of shame? It's mine and it's yours if we have compromised with satan on God's will.