Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Atheistic Myths that we perpetuate

Time for another Dusty Idea that might be outside someone else's comfort zone.  The idea that we attribute the works of God to other sources. 

In older times, even biblical times we're gonna be hard pressed to find any references from a Christian standpoint to "Mother Earth".  Most of the time when I hear this expression I can't help but attempt to explain that the earth is just a created planet from God that he then created us from the dust of. Something he had created already. God is our Father. We don't have a mother other than Genesis 3:20 says that Eve is the mother of all living. Mother earth is a term used by atheist to perpetuate the theory of evolution as a means of mankinds existance. We use it in our schools now. We got Earth Day wherein we have commercials on tv and other sources of communication to take time to remember our "Mother". 

I sometimes wonder how God must take this in. Once again we are giving the creation credit for being the creator. 

Another thing people use is "Father time". There appears to be some kind of myth that there's some kind of cosmic essence out there somewhere that has set all the planets and things in motion to create time. Well that mystery is solved long ago, its God. 

Satan has done a bangup job of convincing people that the things we should praise and give God the glory for has been done by other entities and powers. We don't need mother earth, father time, old man winter etc. 
God is responsible for the universe and all its happenings. We don't need to create something else to attribute it to. I do understand that its not politically correct and you're possibly gonna offend some atheist somewhere if we give God the credit. I would say no more offended that I am everytime I hear that mother earth did everything for us.