Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ideas on the Shelf...

  I wanted to lay in this first post the purpose of  "Dusty Ideas". 

     Dusty ideas are what could be termed crazy or old style thinking that isn't popular these days. Dusty ideas are the concepts that people have left on a shelf and aren't about to pickup and look at anymore, they're collecting dust. A lot of the time these are ideas that are "tried and true", but they don't carry the ability for people to further self-gratification and materialism that has replaced moral and character development. 

     A General overall lack of spirituality, lack of believing that God is real and is really out there and that he is the God of the universe has contributed to putting a good thick layer of dust on universal truths as defined by the maker of this planet, solar system and universe. I can hear the dust bringers now saying, "Another Bible thumper's opinion". Well you'd be right, and no apologies offered. 

     The first thing dust bringers are short on is patience. The idea of having patience with our fellow man is a stupid and foreign concept to dust bringers. "What do you mean I have to wait?" This is an outrage, I have to wait so everyone here is going to have to listen to me and have a bad day. The dust bringer also thinks that it has every right to stuff our souls with nonsense, expletives, gossip and nonsensical philosophies while they "suffer" in waiting mode. The first thing that would help us all in general would be deciding that being kind to our fellow man would be preferable to chastising them for having to wait. We need to take the idea of gaining some patience and kindness with not only strangers but more so family members. Family members are people too.

We'll drag out another dusty idea soon.